N/R: Electronic billing and payment system to start in December – GWCL


The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) in the Northern region has announced plans to kick start the electronic billing and payment system in the region.

This follows the successful implementation of the policy in 4 regions of the country namely Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Western and Central regions.

According to the GWCL, the new billing and payment system will enable customers receive and pay bills electronically on their cell phones via text messages and/or emails.

Speaking on wake up Tamale, Radio Tamale’s current Affairs program, the Northern region Communications Manager of the GWCL, Nii Nicholas Abbey revealed that the company will implement the policy in the region by December this year.

“Tentatively it was supposed to have started here next month [November] but you need to put in place certain measures and so we need to set up a whole system and everything and so the launch has been done.  …As it is now most of our meter readers need to pick the data so that we will be able to feed into the system. We’ve done some part; we are not done yet completely, we‘ve been able to do close to about 60%. We need to hasten so we can finish with the rest and be able to roll out the program successfully,” he stated.

Nii Abbey also disclosed that the company will be introducing smart meters to enable the smooth implementation of the e-billing and payment system.

He added that: “the good thing is that we are introducing new meters known as smart meters. With the support of the world bank, we are rolling out the smart meters in our operations, and currently as we speak we have gotten about 40, 0000 which we will want to pilot with the greater communities down south. Once we are done with that, it will be rolled out nationwide.”

Nii Abbey further noted that the introduction of the smart meters was put in place to reduce the stress involved in the previous system of payment by customers.

By: Fatahiya Mohammed, radiotamale.com