Impeach Superior if you can – Diemanaa dares assembly members

Iddrisu Musah Superior, Mayor of Tamale

Leader of the Tamale Metropolitan Task Force, Mohammed Hafiz who doubles as the Entertainment Chief (Diemanaa) of Tamale has called the bluff of assembly members of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly who are seeking the removal of the Metropolitan Chief Executive, Iddrisu Musah Superior.

Thirty one members of the assembly signed a petition, dated October 25, 2017 to pass a vote of no confidence in the Chief Executive.

But speaking to Blessed Eduamoah Dadzie on Wake up Tamale on Radio Tamale 91.7FM, Thursday October 26, Hafiz downplayed the capacity of the aggrieved assembly members to carry out the intended impeachment, saying the petitioners don’t have the numbers to truncate the tenure of office of Superior.

He accused them of embarking on a selfish agenda and questioned their credibility as worthy representatives of their respective electoral areas. He warned that he could also invoke a vote of no confidence in those assemblymen.

“We arrested wee smokers. Task Force members walked into the forest, with their lives on the line [and] with the support of the mayor, drove these people out. Which people came to bail them? Assemblymen came to bail [the] wee smokers. So today these same assemblymen will tell me that they don’t have confidence in the mayor? I have no confidence in those 30 assemblymen. I could go into their electoral area[s] and get more than 200 people who can come out and say they have no confidence in them,” he stated.

According to Hafiz, who is also a government appointee at the assembly, the petition for the ousting of the mayor is dead on arrival.

“It’s even a non-starter. When people come and say they are going to impeach the mayor, we don’t have a mayor in Tamale. We have a Metropolitan Chief Executive. By the laws of Ghana that is what we have. In our constitution we don’t have a mayor so it’s even a non-starter. When we walk into assembly and you put this thing we will shoot it down. We will just shoot it down. It’s dead on arrival, plus they don’t even have the numbers,” he emphasized.

The petitioners, among other charges, accused the mayor of constituting and paying a 61 member non-functional Task Force which cost the assembly GHC 9, 150 every month.

But justifying the relevance of the Task Force and the salaries they receive from the assembly, Hafiz said members of the Task Force had been risking their lives in serving the metropolis.

“When somebody puts up a figure, saying 91 million or something, each task force personnel (sic) at the end of the month is paid GHC 150. It’s nothing to write home about. So don’t let somebody deceive you by the total figure. We work Monday to Sunday, we don’t have breaks, and we no longer even go to weddings, so I salute all task force members who have put their lives on the line. I have shed blood, for what reason? For people to play politics with it and say they want to impeach the mayor? Why is it that we don’t want change?” he quizzed.

He touted the good works of the mayor and says Musah Superior “is a messiah to Tamale.”

A very incensed Hafiz indicated emphatically that he would no longer sacrifice for the development of the metropolis since their efforts are not being appreciated.

Hafiz warned that he will mass up people on the streets of Tamale should the assembly members proceed with their intended action.

“You belong to an electoral area, have you asked your people if that is what they want. Or are you sabotaging the good works of the mayor because he has come to change Tamale? For your own selfish reasons you come and say you are going to impeach him. We are waiting for that day. I will put a million people march on the streets,” he dared.

By: Yahaya Masahudu,