S.K.Y. to Make History at the Tamale Sports Stadium


The last month of the year promises a lot of goodies for the entertainment scene in Tamale as one of the hottest rappers to have graced the industry, S.K.Y., is set to make history at the Tamale Sports Stadium.

Some music critics believe that this move will break the duo-poly of Fancy Gadam and Maccasio being the artistes to host concerts at the over 15000 human capacity venue.

The Dreamtym Music signee will launch the King Concert at the Tamale Sports Stadium on Saturday December 30, 2017.

The incredibly talented rapper, S.K.Y who oozes confidence in the very way he carries himself hopes to join the likes of Fancy Gadam and Maccasio to make history at the largest venue in the region where musical concerts are hosted. The Tamale Sports Stadium has come to be associated symbolically with local artistes breaking onto the national scene once they are able to successfully host a musical event there.

Indeed, the King Concert has the potential to end the year 2017 with a big bang which it is hoped will change the dynamics of music politics in the region.

S.K.Y. the Tamale Boy who has been on the music scene for a while now is known for hits like Informer, Block ft. One 9ra, Dogu Bila, Kankamba, Boiling Hard, Ariziki among others.

S.K.Y.’s talent deserves to be enjoyed on the national level given that he has consistently been very unpredictable in his musical style. His infectious almost adorable personality sets him apart putting him in a world of his own where he plays by his own rules.

It would seem that S.K.Y. could be what the industry needs to break this long-standing duopoly. This month could mark a turning point in the music industry in Tamale and we are all here for it!

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