Humour: Fear Woman


I am glad it was my father who died first. I don’t know what would have happened if it was the other way round. My brother, some of my peers with whom I grew up are very useless today bcos it was their mothers who died first and their fathers didn’t care! Even at the funerals of their wives, they started conning women under the funeral. I can say with certainty that no woman would start thinking about another man during the funeral of her late husband. I lie?

Abeg, the title of this abstract who nobody is reading was picked from the back of a 207 benz bus yesterday, International Women’s Day o. I boldly approached the owner and driver of this trotro and he shared with me his experiences with women. Too many women broke brother man’s heart. The last one was a woman he was about to marry. This woman never told him she had 5 children already. One day he returned from work only to see them brought in a taxi with their luggage coming on holidays to see ‘Mama’. ‘Mama? Hmmm! What a shock!

But don’t men also do some of these things or? Single ladies, pls be warned when a man 35 years or above comes to tell you he wants the ‘thing’ because he has problems with his wife oo, yoo! It is a trick we all use just to ‘cross the border’ and dump you. If you are not lucky and ‘the thing ‘lock’, we would tell you to commot it because it can create problems between us and our wives oo. By then, knowing the truth may be too late. It is at this point that you would know that every man loves his wife, don’t be deceived. Many men do this apart from me. The only one I did before was…you want to hear? Shay shay shay shammeeeeeee! Hahaaaaaa!



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