Tamale MCE’s one year anniversary: residents assess performance


Some residents of Tamale have passed a verdict on the performance of the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Iddrisu Musah Superior, one year into his reign.

Superior last Thursday March 15, 2018 marked one year in office as MCE for the metropolis.

He was among the first batch of president Akufo-Addo’s nominees for MMDCEs. He later received a 100% endorsement from members of the assembly and officially assumed office on March 15, 2017.

He began his reign with action packed policies and initiatives aimed at bringing development to Tamale.

Notable among them are the major decongestion exercise he carried out to rid the Central Business District and other major streets in the metropolis of hawkers and illegal structures.

He took the “fight” to one of the major forest reserves in Tamale, the Nyohini forest, to drive out wee smokers, minors and squatters whose activities posed a threat to the security of the city. Commercial sex workers in Tamale were not spared.

Though these policies and actions are not without criticisms, demonstrations and threats of impeachment, he has earned some praises from a section of the populace.

In the face of stiff opposition from some areas, Superior seems determined to carry his plans through.

One year on, Radio Tamale decided to hit the streets of Tamale to find out from the people how the MCE has fared over the period.

They assessed him based on security, sanitation, and some major initiatives executed by Mr Superior.

They scored him between 50 percent and 70 percent. He however scored low on sanitation.

“Some places like the forest; he has sacked the criminals there. That’s what made me happy about him so I will rate him 50 percent,” one of them said.

Another said “He has really helped. We were witnessing something. People were coming to take our things here, especially mobile phones and I remember they stole a certain phone and they asked the person to go to the forest. In fact the person went there and got the phone. It means that place was breeding a lot of armed robbers and now that the place has been sanitized I’m very happy. Kudos to him! He has really done well. But sanitation is still a problem here. If fact that one he has not done well,” another resident said.

One of the interviewees also said “one thing I admire about is he fixing the street lights and also he is able to drive drug addicts out of the forest. It’s also a very good move.”

A former chairman of Real Tamale United (RTU), Alhaji MND Jawula in an earlier interview with Radio Tamale commended the MCE for his good works. He said Tamale had witnessed a lot of transformation under the leadership of Mr Superior.

He also assured the MCE of his support and urged him not to give up even in the face of daunting challenges.

“I want to thank my good old friend Mr Superior Musah for all the good things he is doing in Tamale. When I came to Tamale and saw the confusion in the centre of the city, I was wondering how it will ever end, but now I see a lot of improvement. I know people are threatening him but he shouldn’t worry. From far away we are on his side. We are working and we are very much on his side. That is how it is, if you want to change your people you will suffer. That is how the world is. You work hard, [but] not everybody will praise you,” he noted.

Speaking on Absolute News on Radio Tamale 91.7FM, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the assembly, Musah Issah enumerated some of the major projects the MCE executed, but said one year was too short to do a fair assessment of the performance of Mr Superior.

By: Yahaya Masahudu, radiotamale.com/ymashud2010@hotmail.com