N/R: TTH staff charged to live above political and tribal interests


The Northern regional Minister, Salifu Saeed has challenged staff of the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) to exhibit professionalism and live above political and ethnic considerations in the discharge of their duties.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Regional Coordinating Director, Alhassan Issahaku at the 2017 Annual Institutional Performance Review of The Tamale Teaching Hospital, the minister said the welfare of the facility should be the topmost priority of the staff.

“Please let’s put aside all other considerations. You are here because of your knowledge and your skill not because of your tribe, not because of political affiliation, not because you are tall, not because you are short. This is a professional institution and the paramount thing is to uphold professionalism. Let us not use our political affiliation, ethnicity or whatever to influence what we’re doing here. The patient who comes to the hospital only remembers the one who gave him the best health care, not the one who belongs to his tribe or his political party,” he pleaded.

He also advised the staff of the hospital to use internal processes in addressing their grievances and avoid the tendency of solving their problems in the media.

The Executive Director of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Alhassan Muniru called on all teaching hospitals in the country to come together and confront challenges facing teaching hospitals in the country.

“If we know the weaknesses and identify the common weaknesses and work together towards reducing or eliminating them and then getting measured by the ministry, it is better,” he advised.

Mr Saeed also pledged the support of the of the Regional Coordinating Council to the Tamale Teaching Hospital as it sets best practice for the people.

By: Muniru Bariya, radiotamale.com