FDA investigates sale of expired drinks at VRA Club House


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in Tamale has commenced investigations into an alleged sale of large quantities of expired shandy drinks to Easter revelers at the VRA Club House in Tamale.

The drinks sold expired on August 3 2017, but were still being sold to unsuspecting clients.

Shandy is a beer mixed with a soft drink, such as carbonated lemonade, ginger beer, ginger ale, apple juice, or orange juice. It is widely sold at restaurants, pubs and drinking spots and has since become the favorite for casual alcoholics.

Many who consumed the drinks have developed symptoms of stomach ache, diarrhea and prolonged vomiting.

Christiana Mwinsongme one of the revelers who took the expired shandy drink on Easter Sunday had a running stomach throughout Sunday night till the next morning when she was taken to the hospital.

Upon a tip off, radio tamale set out to investigate the issue. Our reporter disguised himself as a customer bought two shandy bottles from the acting Manager of the VRA Club house who gave his name as Yawah Abraham.

After a while, our reporter went back to seek explanations why the club house was selling the expired drinks but Yawah replied that “we have stopped selling the expired drinks. Somebody also came and told us and so we have taken them back to the depo and took new ones”.

Yawah disclosed to our reporter that since last year the club house hasn’t taken any new shandy consignment until the issue was reported. That means the patrons of shandy at the club house were likely drinking expired shandy like Christiana and her colleagues who were there on Easter Sunday.

However, a team of three officials from the FDA in Tamale came to Radio Tamale for more evidence to aid in their investigations.

Source: Maxwell Suuk, radiotamale.com


  1. Comment: Radio tamale is really aimed at development. Keep the good work up. kudos to Mr Suuk and the entire crew at the newsroom.


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