Audio: Deputy Northern regional Minister rebuffs allegations of fanning Yunyoo conflict

The Deputy Northern Regional Minister Solomon Namlit Boar has countermanded an earlier press conference organized by a group of individuals that branded him as one of the people fanning the conflict between the Bauk and Tanmung clans in the Bunkpurugu Yunyoo District.

A group of Bimobas accused the deputy minister of orchestrating conflicts in his constituency in mid-December 2017.

But at a press briefing on Wednesday January 3, Mr Boar, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bunkpurugu Yunyoo constituency, denied the claims and said those allegations were frivolous and lacked merit.

The minister therefore demanded an unqualified apology from his accusers who claimed that he masterminded the denial of the area from getting a separate polling station.

Listen to Solomon Boar:

By: Maxwell Suuk,

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