Don’t waste your time dating only one man, handle 3-5 men at the same time – Gospel musician advises

You won’t believe this advise could come a from a gospel musician who is supposed to know better but we all have opinions, don’t we?

Well, this US based-Ghanaian female gospel musician called Esaaba Haizel has revealed how she uses social media to advise young girls to date three to five men in order to assess them before selecting one to marry.

She posited that there’s a huge advantage in having multiple partners time without getting sexually involved because they would be able to choose the right one best for them.

Speaking to Austine Woode on Abusua Entertainment, the relatively unknown singer indicated that dating one man is very risky because the man might break the woman’s heart by jilting her after heavily investing in the relationship.

Here’s what she said:

“I advised young girls on Facebook wall to have three to five men at the same time without having any sexual intercourse with them, you just have to be firm not to sleep with them, having multiple partners will help you to study them, then you let the rest go, by choosing just one. Why waste your time o date only one person?.

I’m saying this because you can’t have it all, one of the men would be interested in your business, one would be concerned about the food you eat on daily basis thereby supply your needs, the other will be interested in the shoes, make ups, clothing you wear, the list goes on.

I’m a Christian, is there something wrong with my advise to young ladies who aspire to marry?, its a good advice your pastor cannot give you,’ she quizzed.

Some men even marry their girlfriends’ friends on the d-day after having series of sexual bouts with them, giving them your hearts and all that”.

This is very controversial indeed and we would welcome your thought on this subject.


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