National security Minister blames Parliament for corruption in Ghana

The Minister of National Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah has accused Parliament of being the reason why corruption persists across the country.

The former Member of Parliament who also once chaired the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament believes Parliament has consistently failed in effectively delivering on its financial accountability role.

“The Report of the Auditor General must not be deemed to be conclusive until after the Public Accounts Committee has adopted it and Parliament at the plenary has also adopted it. If sanctions have to be made it must be after Parliament has approved it, that is how we’ve designed our Public Financial Management system and I strongly believe that should be the case.

“As far as financial accountability is concerned, it is Parliament that is at the centre of it all. If corruption persists in a country it is largely because Parliament has not exercised its financial accountability role.

As for people misusing government funds it doesn’t surprise me, what surprises me is when you don’t stop them from doing it,” Mr Kan Dapaah said at a corruption forum organized by the African Parliamentary Network against corruption.


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