Radio gets results: Diare Alhuseinia E/A primary school receives furniture after Radio Tamale’s report

Pupils of Alhuseinia E/A primary school at Diare in the Savelugu Municipality of the Northern region have received furniture from the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) following Radio Tamale’s report on the deplorable conditions in the school.

On of January 29 this year, Radio Tamale visited the school and discovered that the school had no furniture and the pupils used cement blocks as tables and chairs. Pupils who had no access to the cement blocks sat on the bare floor to learn.

http://Video: Pupils of Diare Alhuseinia E /A Primary School learn under deplorable conditions

Video: Pupils of Diare Alhuseinia E /A Primary School learn under deplorable conditions

The classrooms are made up of an improvised structure made of rusted iron sheets and wood. As a result of inadequate classrooms, some of the pupils had to sit under trees.

The children had to endure the harsh weather conditions and even the risk of snake bites as a result of the deplorable structures in the school.  Radio Tamale reported the story widely online and on radio despite all threats to foil the story.

Many saw the state of the school as embarrassing considering the fact that the school is practically located at the heart of the Savelugu Municipality.

But barely a month after the report, the pupils have breathed a sigh of relief.

The headmaster of the school, Deishini Abdallah Mustapha, disclosed that the school’s PTA has donated furniture to ease the suffering of the pupils.

Information gathered by Radio Tamale indicates that a contractor has also been detailed by the Municipal assembly to provide the school with a befitting structure.

“We are very happy that something has been done about our school situation, the MCE intervened by bringing back the contractor and the PTA also helped by contributing some money to provide some furniture for the children to use. The PTA is always ready to help us,” Mustapha explained.

He said they are expecting the assembly to speed up efforts in constructing the classroom blocks before the rains set in.

“What we are expecting from the assembly is the school block. I think if the school block is done we will not have any more problems. As you can see it is threatening to rain. So you know that this academic if we are going to be in this structure it means that teaching and learning will not be effective because any time it threatens to rain we have to close,” he lamented.

He appealed to government to give more attention to education in rural areas to bridge the gap between rural and urban centres. He also called on government to motivate teachers in the rural areas to put up their best.

Watch video of the new furniture provided the pupils of Diare Alhuseinia E/A primary school

By: Fatahiya Mohammed,

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