Upper West Regional Hospital in deplorable state – Savannah Think Tank

The Savannah Development Policy Think Tank has called on government to, as a matter of urgency, resolve the numerous challenges impeding effective health delivery at the Upper West Regional Hospital.

According to the Think Tank its investigations have revealed that the facility, which serves a referral hospital to ten other districts in the area, lacks human and material resources. It added that the facility has one of the poorest Doctor-to-patient ratio in the country with one doctor to over 500 patients.

The Think Tank made the call in a statement issued and signed by its Acting Executive Director, Abu Kasanbata.

“Investigations conducted by Savannah Development Policy, came out with the findings that the Upper West Regional Hospital require human resources which include doctors, pharmacists, biomedical scientists, pathologists and pediatricians among the critical staff currently needed at the Regional Hospital

“In terms of equipment, the Upper West Regional Hospital lacks C/T scanners, X-ray machines, computers for entering data and other machines for clinical investigations at the laboratory,” the statement explained.

The Think Tank says the government’s new policy paradigm of Ghana Beyond Aid will be given true meaning of government is able to mobilise resources locally to resource the hospital.

“It is the expectation of Savannah Development Policy that “Ghana Beyond Aid would be given practical meaning and application with the resourcing of the Upper West Regional Hospital,” the statement concluded.

By: Yahaya Masahudu, radiotamale.com/ymashud2010@hotmail.com

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