Afghan toddler named after US President Trump

Growing up in Kabul might seem like a tough enough prospect these days – but spare a thought for the toddler named Donald Trump.

The 18-month-old was born in Afghanistan’s central Daykundi Province as his famous namesake was running for the US presidency.

When his father saw the baby’s light-coloured hair, he saw a likeness and his mind was made up.

“(President) Donald Trump has a lot of special qualities,” Sayed Assadullah said in a report by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

“He’s very capable, he’s serious, and he’s a good politician and a good writer.

“Because he’s a really good person, and he wrote a lot of impressive books, and because he was a successful businessman, we decided to name our son Donald Trump.”


Donald’s father was very pleased with the name choice – but many of his family were not. Pic: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

According to the original report in the New York Times, Mr Assadullah comes from a poor farming family but he earned a college degree and read Mr Trump’s books.

He also watched the US President on a television, which is powered by solar panels provided to the village by an aid organisation.

Naming the little boy after the famous billionaire would boost his chance of success in life, Mr Assadullah hoped.

Instead, it has strained his relationship with his extended family.

Donald is more interested in playing football. Pic: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Usually the grandparents have the first say on a baby’s name but Mr Assadullah rebelled, with the backing of his wife Jamila.

When the decision was revealed, Mr Assadullah’s family ridiculed him and then became angry.

He told the New York Times: “They told me ‘How you can select the name of an infidel for your son?’

“My father is an angry man.

“He told me that he could not tolerate the fact that I call my son Donald Trump.

“So I left and moved my family to Kabul.”

It’s too early to tell if little Donald will grow up to have an effect on the world on the scale of his namesake’s.

For now, he is more interested in playing with balls, toy cars and his father’s laptop.

Source: skynews

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