Psalm Adjetefio; he made many happy but he is less happy himself

On the screens, he thrilled millions with his unparalleled acting skills. Through productions like ‘Taxi Driver’, he brought smiles and laughter to many.

But the man, popularly known as T.T., is not happy. He is unwell and has no money to pay his medical expenses.

The veteran actor has been diagnosed with a heart enlargement which has led to swollen feet.

He has to undergo surgery to correct some shifted organs – all that require money. Which he does not have.

Life hasn’t been easy as the actor, who was the favourite of many, now relies on the benevolence of well-wishers to pay for basic treatment.

During a recent interview on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM with Doreen Andoh, the actor shared with listeners how life off the screens has been and what he goes through to stay alive. (To support the actor, you can call 0540790315).


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