IMANI boss reports death threats to Police

President of Imani Africa , Franklin Cudjoe, has reported the death threats on his life to the Police.

Earlier he wrote on social media on Sunday, 27 May that: “Source says to take the threat against my person seriously as words like ‘let us silence him’ had been used among the mixture of security operatives. So, I came to the Police. We will see from tomorrow.”

Mr Cudjoe had been warned by a Good Samaritan within the Ministry for the Interior, to be on his guard, as he [Mr Cudjoe] risked being harmed due to his campaign on the $178m KelniGVG deal signed between the Government of Ghana and Haitian firm KelniGVG.

“What I’m gathering concerning your utterances on the [GVG] matter is not palatable. Just be on your guard and watch your movements and surroundings,” Franklin Cudjoe posted on his Facebook Wall.

Mr Cudjoe and Imani have been vociferous in condemning the revenue assurance deal which is meant to monitor revenue in the telcos industry.

Although the government insists the deal saves the country $1.1 million a month, Mr Cudjoe wonders why the state has been paying the firm $1.5 million per month since January for “no work done”.


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