Remember Bimbilla in your prayers – Peace Council appeals

The National Peace Council has called on religious leaders in the Northern region to pray for the people of Nanun in the wake of disagreements over the final verdict of the Supreme Court on the long standing chieftaincy dispute in the area.

The Supreme Court on May 23, 2018 declared the Naa Dasana faction legitimate rulers of Bimbilla. This was after the Northern regional House of Chiefs and the National House of chiefs ruled in favour of the Dasana family.

The ruling however did not go down well with the Nakpaa Naa faction who served notice they will not respect the ruling of the apex court.

Though there is relative calm in the area, many fear the entrenched stance adopted by the losing faction could spark fresh violence in the area.

Speaking to Blessed Eduamoah Dadzie on Absolute News on Radio Tamale 91.7 FM, Senior Programmes Officer in charge of conflict resolution at the National Peace Council, Nuhu Abukari contends that the fact that the verdict was a win-lose solution calls for the creation of an enabling environment for the implementation of the court ruling.

Mr Abukari suggests the continuation of a dialogue process that was initiated before the Supreme Court ruling and called on the clergy to remember Nanun in their prayers.

“The peace of Bimbilla is in the hands of the people of Bimbilla. It’s within Bimbilla and they themselves must sit together, prioritise their own families and relationships, look on to one another and discuss the issues and find a resolution to that particular problem.

“…beyond that we have also appealed to religious institutions to remember Nanun in prayer and in their sermons. You will agree that the parties in dispute are within the same family and it is a strain on they themselves and with some of the issues, the tempers and some of the strains that they are undergoing, it is only God who can help them to go through that particular process,” he appealed.

Mr Abukari also appealed to both factions in the dispute to be wary of spoilers who may not be interested in the amicable settlement of the matter and who will go at any length to stoke fire and worsen an already precarious situation.

He advised the youth and people of Bimbilla to remain calm as stakeholders work to find a lasting solution to the stalemate.

“At the moment, we are actually appealing to all stakeholders to remain calm and continue to restrain their followers for them to believe in the dialogue processes which we were undertaking in consultation with the various leaders of the families,” he stated.

By: Yahaya Masahudu,

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