Stop spreading lies about me; I’m never interested in Sagnarigu MCE job – Felicia to former MCE


The New Patriotic Party Parliamentary (NPP) Candidate for Sagnarigu in the just ended December  2020 elections, Madam Felicia Tetteh has furiously denied and rubbished any allegations that, she is working behind the scenes at the presidency and around some national party executives to kick out the current  caretaker Sagnarigu MCE, hon. Mariam Iddrisu, in other to inherit the position. 

Rumors beaming from the ranks of the Sagnarigu MCE and among some of her supporters on several social media platforms had it that, madam Felicia Tetteh after her defeat at the polls, started planting hatred and saboteuring moves towards the MCE in other to take over her position as the new MCE for Sagnarigu. 

They also alleged that, madam Tetteh  has been spotted busily moving from office to office within the Jubilee house spreading falsehood and devilish lies to the president and some national executives about hon. Mariam Iddrisu, who she believes is the cause for her defeat. 

Details emerging from our sources at the presidency indicates that, hon. Mariam Iddrisu has already lost her job as MCE for the Sagnarigu constituency to an unnamed but popular grassroots person from the constituency. Who according to the reliable source, understands the problems of the people and can also bring the women groups together for progress, “which competence and abilities are lacking in hon. Mariam Iddrisu “.

Some other allegations on the streets have it that, it was the same madam Felicia Tetteh who supported the appointment of hajia Mariam Iddrisu to the extent of presenting an amount of about forty thousand Ghana  cedis to get her confirmed in 2017. But in return, the MCE after the process started working against Felicia with great collaboration with the regional chairman Samba, which resulted in the current rivalry.

Sources close to Felicia’s 2020 campaign team explained that, it wouldn’t make any sense for madam Felicia Tettey considering her hard work in the party and the constituency to lower herself to the level of tarnishing or sabotaging the political appointments of other party members just to take over.

However, a leading member of campaign team, Abubakari Iddrisu through a social media response stated that, the second vice chairperson’s efforts have always been guard towards the popular growth of the party in the Northern Region and beyond.

According to him, Hon Felicia Tettey by value of votes she has added to Akufo-Addo and the party, could have returned to Tamale knowing that she will be definitely compensated for her hard work. But she chose to stay calmly in Accra to lobby diligently to secure a more profitable position that will put her in a better position to help more “stomachs and mouths when she returns”.

As a foot soldiers I testify before God that there’ve never been any meeting or complains regarding to how poorly party executives performed, it has always been about work, work and work, most importantly how to soar higher to achieve her political ambitions and to help the foot soldiers rise one day to be victorious as her….he added.

Madam Felicia Tetteh, who is also the Second vice chairperson for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Northern region and later became the only female parliamentary candidate during the 2020 elections in the region, shockingly pulled 26,434, representing 43.04 percent of the total valid votes cast in the December 7, 2020 polls against 34,989 votes of the incumbent NDC MP.

She also significantly increased votes for the President-elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the clear NDC dominated constituency.

Source: / Robicon Mornahson 

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